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Oh, computer.

Sweet, beautiful, love-of-my-life computer.

Never leave me again my love.

I finally have my computer back. Sure, my iTunes deleted all my music and my 300+ page book is gone, but sweet jesus I have the internet.

I haven't written about the dance yet so I suppose I'll take this time to do so...

We went to Kelsey's around five and hung around in our pajamas for a while, talking and eating pizza and the like. Mrs. B took a lot of pictures. When we got to the dance, Michelle made a point that it all seemed so surreal and I have to say I agree. We found just about everyone, including Sarah's mom but excluding Sarah... I danced with a lot of people. There were only two slow dances but I was in the cafeteria for both. Oh darn, its not like I actually had anyone to dance with anyway. Ha ha. After the dance a lot of us went to the Great American diner, but we had to wait for two hours... let's just say that's where things got interesting. John and I went off and talked for a while in what BJ called "Texas". It was nice, talking without the insanity of the lunchroom or the loop bus... BLACKBLACK! Okay I'm done. :D! When we got in I sat at a table with John and this really annoying girl and her date who didn't say a word. The girl was so... bitchy! She kept ranting about Bensalem this, Bensalem that. I was like, stfu. You're annoying.

I also decided that I don't hate Catherine. At all. Quite the contrary, actually.

On another note, Saturday was a damn lot of fun. We watched Thomas the Tank Engine at 9 in the morning and we learned some iiiiiiiiiinteresting this about Erin. *evil laugh*
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